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The house is located in Amarynthos, Evia.  Whereas quietness is one its features, taverns and the beach are easily accessible on foot.

Sights of the Area

The Temple and Sanctuary of Artemis of Amaria
The Protogeometric period (1,800 – 1,100 BC) is a period when many Temples were built in Greece at the time, in honor of the ancient gods of our mythology. The Amaranth merchants who traveled to central Greece and the Aegean Islands were probably inspired by the temples they saw in the 18th century BC. built the Temple of their adorable Goddess, Amaris Artemis.
The temple was majestic (Pausanias in Attica) and was supported by 80 columns of Parisian marble (this is mentioned by Nicostratus). The sanctuary of the temple was large in size, brilliant and famous.

The archaeologist Dimitrios Stavropoulos, in 1895 states: Of all the Eritrean sanctuaries the most appreciated and modest was the Amarynthian Sanctuaries of Amarynthian Artemis by the so-called Kalumen).

The artisans who built this magnificent and magnificent ancient temple do not exist in any written text. Perhaps in the future, the excavations of Swiss archaeologists will bring to light an object named after them.

With the discovery in 2017 of the Sanctuary of the ancient temple, the perfection of the geodetic triangle of the Greek Temples was also discovered !!

The English BBC reports on: The sacred triangles of Ancient Greece and the mystery behind the location of each temple.

It is certain that part of our ancient history will be re-written, with new important elements, through the discoveries of archaeologists, in the old town of Amarinthos.

A coastal tourist town of South Evia, it is connected by ferry to the port of Oropos. Ruins of ancient Eretria (known since Mycenaean times), are scattered throughout the city, from the coastal zone to Kasteli hill, on top of which is the ancient citadel (4th century BC) which offers spectacular views of the whole city to the opposite, in Attica.

On the well-tiled beachfront pedestrian street there are bars, cafes, restaurants, ouzo and pizzerias, especially in summer. The beautiful beaches and great resorts just outside the city, the beautiful Island of Dreams linked by a narrow strip of land, the very important exhibits of the archaeological museum and its archaeological monuments make Eretria an attractive destination for whole weekends. the year. The most noteworthy major tourist units are located along Malakonta Beach, while in the lush Island of Dreams the Eretria Municipal Corporation has set up a hotel complex.

The coastal area of Aliveri called Karavos is essentially the port of Aliveri. It is picturesque and touristy, full of cafes and taverns. However if one wants to swim next to the port there is a sandy beach.

Organize an outing with your friends to breathe fresh air, enjoy good food and get refreshed over the weekend!

It is considered to be the most mountainous village of Evia and it sits on the southern slopes of Mount Xirovouni, amid dense forests of firs and rivers. Perched at an altitude of 800 meters and adorned with plane trees, this picturesque hamlet of Euboea is an ideal destination for escape from the city, every season of the year.

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